Welcome to the Honeymoon Registry of Vanessa Jones & Tyler Doden August 9th, 2014

Our Story

Welcome to our Honeymoon Registry!

Big Day Details

Thank you for joining us on our special day and for your gifts. Our honeymoon to Ireland will be taken in May of 2015.

Rental Car
Quantity desired: 5 @ $22

We would like to explore the Emerald Isle with ease and on our own time. A rental car would be perfect!


Hotel Room
Quantity desired: 10 @ $60

We need a place to lay our heads each night while we are there!


Night stay in a Castle
Fully gifted!

We would love to stay a night in one of the castle in Ireland.


Quantity desired: 10 @ $40

A couple of meals a day can really add up especially if we don't have the capability to make our own food.


Tour of Guinness
Fully gifted!

Who doesn't want to tour the Brewery/Storehouse and sample the dark stuff while they are in Dublin?!?

Dublin, Ireland

Visit to the Blarney Castle
Quantity desired: 2 @ $13

We would love to see this awesome sight and of course kiss the Blarney Stone!

Cork, Ireland

Titanic Belfast Tours
Fully gifted!

During our visit to Belfast, it would be awesome to visit the Titanic Quarter with a guided tour

Belfast, United Kingdom

Jameson Experience
Fully gifted!

We would love to visit the Jameson Experience, some buildings date back to 1795!

Cork, Ireland

Rock of Cashel
Fully gifted!

Where St Patrick baptized one of the Kings of Munster around 450 AD.

Cashel, Ireland