Jenny & Brett

Welcome to our honeymoon registry
May 10 2015

Honeymoon Destination Japan

Exploring the Tokyo metropolis, traditions of Kyoto, and wilderness of the Japanese Alps.

Items on our Registry

Cooking class
Fully gifted!

We love to cook almost as much as we love to eat ... the art of preparing traditional Japanese cuisine is calling to us!

Day trip to Mt. Fuji by train
Fully gifted!

We'll travel by train to witness the majesty of Japan's greatest icon.

A night at a Japanese Ryokan
You can gift any amount you wish up to $200
Price: $200

We're looking forward to a peaceful stay in a traditional Japanese inn, enjoying tea, and relaxing by the zen gardens.

Japanese Ramen Day
Fully gifted!

We're going to explore the streets of Tokyo, visit the Ramen museum, and then enjoy an afternoon bowl of delicious hand-made noodles.

Admiring Japanese Traditional Arts
Fully gifted!

We love art (Brett proposed at an art museum!), and are thrilled to see Japan's beautiful tradition of woodblock prints. We'll visit the Tokyo National Museum, art galleries, and bring home a traditional print to add to our collection.

Visiting Temples and Gradens in Kyoto
Fully gifted!

There are over 1,000 temples in the city of Kyoto! We'll spend a few days exploring these architectural wonders and their surrounding gardens. The one above is Kinkaku-ji. This gift will provide our entrance fees, transportation, and meals.

Pottery class
Fully gifted!

Help us explore our artistic side in this pottery class. We'll even put on a little art exhibit for you when we return!

Train travel from Kyoto to Takayama, Gateway to the Alps
Fully gifted!

Traveling into this beautiful region by train will be among the most scenic lengths of our journey!

Daily Breakfasts!
Fully gifted!

One of the parts we're most excited for on our honeymoon is to eat Japanese food -- every day! Each $20 portion of this gift represents breakfast for the two of us.

Daily Lunches!
Quantity desired: 10 @ $25

One of the parts we're most excited for on our honeymoon is to eat Japanese food -- every day! Each $25 portion of this gift represents lunch for the two of us.

Train from Tokyo to Kyoto
Fully gifted!

Riding the modern bullet trains is an experience unto itself!

Lodging in Tokyo
Quantity desired: 2 @ $120

After a long day of exploring the city, we'll appreciate a good nights rest! Each $120 represents one night of lodging.

Gourmet Dinner
Fully gifted!

Unesco recently added Japanese cuisine to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list. This puts it equal to French cuisine, the only other national culinary tradition to be so honoured. We'll savor a multi-course banquet of seasonal delicacies that’s a feast for the eyes at the 400-year-old restaurant Nakamura-rō in Gion.

Lodge in the Japanese Alps
Fully gifted!

After a day spent hiking in the mountains, we'll look forward to resting our heads in a cozy alpine lodge. Each $75 represents one night.

Relax in an Onsen
Fully gifted!

Natural hot springs baths are something of a folk tradition throughout Japan.

Visit Museums in Obuse
Fully gifted!

Obuse, a lovely little town in the Alps, has played a large role in Japanese art history. We'll visit the Hokusai Museum and the Taikan Bonsai Gallery.

Sake tasting class
Fully gifted!

We love sake and we will participate in a guided tour and tasting class of the Tokyo's most famous breweries!

Tea Ceremony
Fully gifted!

We'll visit a traditional tea house for this beautiful and ritual performance.

Day Hike in the Japanese Alps
Fully gifted!

We love hiking trails to discover breathtaking views. We'll pack provisions for the day and take a bus to the Chūbu-Sangaku National Park trailheads in Kamikōchi.

Train travel from Takayama to Tokyo, Alps to City
Fully gifted!

The final scenic train ride or our journey, traveling from the wilderness to the metropolis.

Ikebana Class
Fully gifted!

We love the minimalist beauty of traditional floral arranging known as Ikebana – "giving life to flowers".