Roastmaster for a Day Private Lesson

Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation

$200 (2 gifts of $100 each)
Price for 2 people. Taxes and fees included.
As coffee lovers, we're so excited to learn how to turn green coffee beans into world-renowned coffee. The Master Roaster at Mountain Thunder will give us a personalized lesson in the art and science of coffee roasting, teaching us to get the most from our beans. We'll have a chance to sample a variety of coffees and learn how to roast coffee ourselves at home. We'll even get to package the coffee that we roast to take home!

We also did a private roasting, which cost about the same amount as buying the four pounds of coffee that we got to take with us, except we got to roast the beans ourselves. No lie, it is the best coffee that I have ever had.

ILiveOutofaSuitcase , TripAdvisor

The cloud farm produces coffee at the highest elevations in Hawaii. At this facility you can see the entire process from the trees, through drying, screening, roasting, and packing.

WorldTravelerCS, TripAdvisor

After talking to some Kona baristas, some Ka'u coffee purveyors, and exploring both the Ka'u and Kona coast... Mountain Thunder was DEFINITELY the place to go to learn about coffee production from bean to cup.

Jeff W. , TripAdvisor

Fine Print: 24 hour notice is required in order to avoid the cancellation fee.


Phone: 808-345-6600


Booking Instructions: Please book at least 24-hours in advance by calling or via email, and share that you are a Wanderable customer with a prepaid tour - we'll do the rest!